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  • Load-shedding Information [External content]5th December 2018
  • SQUEEZING THE SPACE FOR CRIMINALS [External content]7th November 2018
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Record water savings helping to buffer Cape Town for summer ahead5th July 2018


    2 JULY 2018


    Record water-savings helping to buffer Cape Town for summer ahead

    • Average water consumption for the past week has reached a record low of 481 million litres per day
    • Dam levels have again improved significantly by 5,6% to 48,3% of storage capacity largely due to heavy rains
    • Cape Town must continue to build a water buffer for the summer ahead and to help our dams recover from the extreme drought
    • Any decision by the City of Cape Town to lower current water restrictions and thus the tariffs associated with them is dependent on National Government relaxing the restriction on water releases from the dams. The City believes that current conditions warrant a relaxation of restrictions
    • New water and sanitation tariffs have kicked in and the City reminds all water users that you pay less if you use less

    The City of Cape Town thanks all of its water ambassadors for continuing to save water despite the heavy rainfall of the past week and the announcement that Day Zero will not happen this year or the next.

    ‘Every bit of water that we save now will become a buffer against the heat and wind of the summer months ahead. The less we use, the better chance our dams have of recovering from the severe drought.

    ‘We believe that the main reason for the improved collective water usage figure is weather-related. Many people may have decided to delay doing their laundry and other water-intensive chores over the weekend because of the heavy rains. We are also in the middle of our winter, which traditionally is associated with the lowest usage. However, there are also many water users who continue to save water and to think about what they are doing with their drinking water.

    ‘We must ensure that we stay on the water-saving path,’ said the City’s Executive Deputy Mayor, Alderman Ian Neilson.

    While the City hopes to reduce the current restrictions in the near future, and the tariffs associated with them, that decision is dependent on National Government relaxing restrictions on water releases from the water supply system. If the National Department of Water and Sanitation agrees to relax restrictions, we expect to be in a position to proceed with a stepped reduction of water restrictions and the associated tariffs.

    Please visit for all water-related information.


    Note to broadcasters: audio clips are available for download
    For English:

    Issued by: Media Office, City of Cape Town

    Media enquiries: Alderman Ian Neilson, Executive Deputy Mayor, City of Cape Town, Tel: 021 400 1306 or Cell: 083 306 6730, Email (please always
    Disclaimer: This e-mail (including attachments) is subject to the disclaimer published at: Please read the disclaimer before opening any attachment or taking any other action in terms of this e-mail. If you cannot access the disclaimer, kindly send an email to and a copy will be provided to you. By replying to this e-mail or opening any attachment you agree to be bound by the provisions of the disclaimer.

  • Fibre Installation in Kirstenhof2nd July 2018

    In the spirit of working together and to ameliorate any misunderstandings that may occur, KCW and KERA reached out to Frogfoot Fibre to chat about the way forward during the next 45-60 days that they and their subcontractors will be working in Kirstenhof and surrounds.

    Please note that this is purely a voluntary and proactive approach and neither KCW or KERA hold any brief for Frogfoot Fibre. We are not responsible for reinstatement delays and/or damage that may be incurred. They have a fully operational complaints and queries department for your concerns in this regard.

    However we have been assured by them that the following can be expected:

    *USUALLY there will be two teams of 45 people on site each day.
    *There is no reason for any trencher to be walking to work through the suburb as transport is provided. However once the teams are despatched in the morning they will walk from the base at Apollo Road Park to the street that is marked for trenching on that day – with their tools.
    *ALL workers will always have branded bibs and identity badges with their own personnel reference number.
    *We can expect them to be working between 06h00 and 18h00 during weekdays and possibly on Saturdays until 13h00.
    *All labourers are provided with fresh water each day.
    *There are sufficient portable toilets provided for both teams of 45 to utilise.
    *Littering across our wetlands and roads is not acceptable and they have been sensitised to this.
    *No employee of Frogfoot (or their contractors) will ever ask for access to your property. Please advise any staff and family that may need to be reminded of this.

    Please ensure that all trenchers and project/site managers are treated with respect and politeness. They have a job to do and strict time limits in which to complete it.

    Frogfoot email is
    Frogfoot Office number is 0214487225
    Frogfoot Communications - Kayleigh 0845051848

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Malicious Damage to Property (includes Graffiti) Nederburg Road 25th November 2018 04:00

Trespassing La Dauphine Road 14th November 2018 04:46

Attempted Theft - Out of/from M/Vehicle or M/cycle Curtis Road 13th November 2018 01:30

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Last seen Tokai Forest on 2nd June 2016

FOUND: a set of rings

Last seen Top of Pollsmoor on 7th November 2015

Husky & Border Collie FOUND

Last seen Tokai Road on 25th August 2015


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