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  • Newsletter 5 May 20205th May 2020

    A Message of Thanks & Appreciation

    On behalf of the Management Team of KCW, I would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Residents of Kirstenhof for ‘staying at home’ over the past 5 weeks, thereby making it ‘safer’ for all of us going forward.

    A special word of thanks too, to all our ‘resident frontline workers’ who have continued to work in the ‘essential services’ area.

    To Colonel Cilliers and her staff at SAPS, thank you for doing what you do whilst the majority of us are safe in our homes. Your team is often unfairly criticized whilst working under extremely difficult circumstances (short staffed, old vehicles, old premises & decontamination of the premises etc.).

    For the month of April the following crime related incidents were reported to KWC:-

    3.04.2020  East Light Way Attempted theft out of motor vehicle
    3.04.2020  Sea Breeze Road Theft out of motor vehicle
    6.04.2020  Chard Road Street robbery
    11.04.2020  Ferdinand Street Theft out of vehicle
    27.04.2020  Lancashire Close Burglary

    Constantia Valley Information Centre - CVIC
    Whilst our patrollers have been in Lockdown CVIC personnel have been at work along with our local Security Companies, Law Enforcement & SAPS.

    The following successes were reported in our Valley during lockdown:-

                                                                           March                                 April
    Motor vehicles stopped                                        25                                      19
    Occupants profiled/checked                                52                                      43
    Arrests                                                                  15                                        6
    Motor Vehicles (stolen, hijacked, seized)             6                                        1
    NRTA fines R13 000 R9 000

    To our ‘locked in’ active patrollers please continue to keep abreast of the following link - great to view once lockdown has been lifted for patrollers.

    Now that Level 4 of lockdown is in place, please carry your cellphones and/or community radios, and whilst out on a walk, run or cycle, report any suspicious behaviour to CVIC on 086 0002 669. Our ‘Eyes & Ears’ are never in lockdown.


    We are still to set a new date for our postponed AGM meeting. We will advise further details in due course.

    Camera Technology
    We are still waiting for Frogfoot to dig trenches in Hayworth and Shires for the two new installations. RSA Fibre has agreed to sponsor the supply of fibre to the Hayworth site, for which we are grateful.

    Finances & Fundraising
    At present we have a data base of approximately 1400 members of which approximately 50 could be categorized as ‘active members/patrollers’ (3% of the data base) – yes a low 3% - we need your help in patrolling and or contributing once the lockdown has been lifted to make Kirstenhof/Norfolk Park an even safer place in which to live.

    Our camera technology is expensive to install, maintain, monitor & keep updated. We urgently need assistance on a monthly basis to cover our fixed monthly maintenance and running costs which currently total R12 000 per month. Since April 2020 we have had to pay new monthly license fees on each camera point.

    KCW is extremely grateful to the 102 residents (7.2% of the data base) who, on a regular basis, contribute and are entitled to display the ‘PROUD KCW CONTRIBUTOR’ boards. We have noted a number of these boards are displayed on houses from which we no longer receive contributions possibly due to e.g. new owner/tenants.

    We attach a debit order authority form for new contributors to sign and return to our secretary, Charlene Jacobs at

    At the request of CVIC, KCW has been asked to remind members that issues relating to the Homeless, Street Lights, Water/Drains etc. can be reported online directly to the City of Cape Town at htts:// and it is not necessary to report these issues via CVIC.


    Ken Weeks

  • Feel Good News!16th September 2019

    On Friday 13 September a resident called in a suspicious vehicle to CVIC in Summer Place. Great team work from a patroller/s, Premier, ADT, BH and SAPS saw 4 criminals with long wrap sheets taken off the streets with the various arrests made at Blue Route Mall, Food Lovers and McDonalds.

    What a fantastic Friday the 13th!

  • New KCW EXCO16th April 2019

    We would like to take this opportunity to welcome the newly elected EXCO for Kirstenhof Crime Watch.

    Chairman: Ken Weeks 
    Vice-Chairman: Craig Fox 
    Treasurer: Neville Kumm 
    Secretary: Charlene Jacobs 
    Operations Manager: Carl Klesser 

    On behalf of the exiting EXCO, I would like to thank the community and specifically the KCW Patrollers for their support and assistance in making Kirstenhof and Norfolk Park a safer place to be.

    Please continue to show this same dedication to the new EXCO as they continue to keep the community safe. 

  • 5 simple ways to make your community safer [External content]18th January 2019
Recent Incidents

Burglary - Business Premises Tokai Road (1 to 23) 1st June 2020 05:30

Burglary - Residential Premises Chard Road 1st June 2020 02:06

Theft - Out of/from M/Vehicle or M/cycle Waterford Circle 1st June 2020 02:04

Theft – Common Eastlight Way 18th May 2020 20:57

Theft – Common Milton Road 18th May 2020 17:59

Burglary - Residential Premises La Dauphine Road 7th May 2020 03:00

Burglary - Residential Premises Lancashire Close 27th April 2020 01:00

Community Notices
Suspicious Vehicles
Lost & Found

NEW PATROLLERS please call the Patrol Manager, Kyle Clark on 082-929-2481 to arrange patroller training

CONTROL's call number to report any suspicious activity: 0860 00 26 69 (sponsored by ADT)


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