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  • New KCW EXCO16th April 2019

    We would like to take this opportunity to welcome the newly elected EXCO for Kirstenhof Crime Watch.

    Chairman: Ken Weeks - 084-491-0964
    Vice-Chairman: Craig Fox - 084-567-8892
    Treasurer: Neville Kumm - 082-869-7373
    Secretary: Charlene Jacobs - 076-265-4541
    Operations Manager: Carl Klesser - 083-631-5993

    On behalf of the exiting EXCO, I would like to thank the community and specifically the KCW Patrollers for their support and assistance in making Kirstenhof and Norfolk Park a safer place to be.

    Please continue to show this same dedication to the new EXCO as they continue to keep the community safe. 

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  • Good news past few days/week or so [External content]27th December 2018
  • Load-shedding Information [External content]5th December 2018
Recent Incidents

Burglary - Business Premises Main Road (300 to 358) 22nd May 2019 02:30

Theft - Out of/from M/Vehicle or M/cycle Aurora Street 18th May 2019 03:00

Burglary - Residential Premises Chaplin Way 15th May 2019 02:40

Trespassing Soliter Street 10th May 2019 05:55

Trespassing Ferdinand Road 29th April 2019 03:00

Theft - Out of/from M/Vehicle or M/cycle Hampshire Road 28th April 2019 02:00

Burglary - Residential Premises Carlisle Road 25th April 2019 04:30

Community Notices
Suspicious Vehicles
Lost & Found

Missing - Ginger Cate

Last seen Steenberg Close on 27th April 2017

Dog Found

Last seen Tokai Forest on 2nd June 2016

FOUND: a set of rings

Last seen Top of Pollsmoor on 7th November 2015

Husky & Border Collie FOUND

Last seen Tokai Road on 25th August 2015


NEW PATROLLERS please call the Patrol Manager, Kyle Clark on 082-929-2481 to arrange patroller training

CONTROL's call number to report any suspicious activity: 0860 00 26 69 (sponsored by ADT)


Helping make Kirstenhof a safer place is just a few clicks away.

Joining the Kirstenhof Crime Watch helps you stay in the loop about local issues, such as crime, safety, and community events.

As a free service, we can email crime alerts and community news right to your inbox, and you can choose both what to receive and the frequency at which you wish to receive it, so why not join now and keep informed!

The more cases that are opened, the more resources are allocated to our stations.

Banking Details of KCW

Annual KCW Subscriptions (R250)

Please pay into: Standard Bank Blue Route,
Branch code: 025609
Account no. 073423211

Please add your Surname, Street Name and Number as a reference.

For Camera Donations, use your Surname, "Camera", and Street Name as reference.