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  • KCW Launches Community Walks13th December 2023

    Recently, with a great idea by residents and kindly organised by Haylee Dugmore, KCW is hosting a community walk each Wednesday morning.

    This walking patrol aims to further bridge the gap between residents and KCW, all while getting a little bit fitter, and of course making our community that much safer! Connect with other residents, and members of KCW while we take a walk around our beautiful neighbourhood.

    So…join KCW each Wednesday from 05h30-06h30 community walking patrol around Norfolk Park and Kirstenhof. Don your walking shoes and bring your cap, water, partners, neighbour, husbands, wives, teens, and dogs (on-lead).

    All paces from snails to cheetahs welcomed!

    Want to get involved? Email KCW at with your name and number and we will add you to the KCW Community Walk WhatsApp Group!

  • This one was Epic! Mandela Day Patrol!11th August 2023

    We have been busy!

    The idea was small, turn out was huge, the results... astronomical! We had the bright idea of hosting a Joint Patrol Across the valley for Mandella Day to show strength and unity! Can we make it bigger next year?

    Read more about it here on Constantia Watches website and here on Constantia Bulliten site!

  • Come Along on Patrol11th August 2023

    We have been busy!

    We have hosted a number of joint patrols with Kirstenhof SAPS and SSPs! On the 27th April, we hosted another!

    These joint patrols help creat unity and comradery between residents and those that protect us at all hours!

    Read more about it here!

  • Watch boosts security before crime peak11th August 2023

    We have been busy!

    In December 2022 KCW Raised funds and added new razor wire to the M3 Boundary Wall...

    A massive thank you to all the contributors and top Premier Security for your help funding this community safty intiative.

    Read more about it here!

Recent Incidents

Theft – Common 19th July 2024 05:41

Burglary - Residential Premises 18th July 2024 02:00

Hijacking 7th July 2024 22:00

Suspicious Person(s) 5th July 2024 18:05

Theft – Common 2nd July 2024 09:58

Community Notices

NEW PATROLLERS WANTED, Click here to get started!

CONTROL's number to call to report any suspicious activity: 0860 00 26 69

Welcome to KCW

Be the eyes and ears of Kirstenhof

Helping make our area a safer place is just a few clicks away.

Joining the Kirstenhof Crime Watch keeps you in the loop about local issues, such as crime, safety, and community events.

As a free service, we can email crime alerts and community news right to your inbox, and you can choose both what to receive and the frequency at which you wish to receive it, so why not join? now and keep informed!

                                              PLEASE REPORT ALL CRIME TO SAPS

         (The more cases that are opened, the more resources are allocated to our SAPS stations)

                     Drop an email to for us to register the incident!

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Donations Welcome

Annual KCW Subscriptions (R1200)

KCW Proud Membership: R100 p/m via Debit Order

Donations are requested and can be paid into the following account: 

Acc. Name: Kirstenhof Crime Watch
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Blue Route Centre
Branch Code: 025609
Acc. No.: 073423211
Ref: Surname / house number / street name

For Camera Donations, use your Surname, "Camera", and Street Name as reference.