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  • MEDIA RELEASE: More residents to receive estimated bills for January21st February 2018


    20 FEBRUARY 2018


    More residents to receive estimated bills for January

    The City of Cape Town regrets to inform customers that a technical challenge will result in more residents receiving estimated accounts for the month of January. Read more below:

    As of 1 January 2018, the City moved from a third party electronic platform to an in-house electronic interface system for the uploading of monthly water meter readings. Since this move, there have been technical challenges with uploading meter readings to the new system. As a result, some customers will receive estimated bills although their meter was read. Customers across the City will be affected.

    Where residents receive estimated bills, the City recommends that they settle the account as they would normally. If the estimate is higher than the actual usage then their account will be adjusted appropriately the next time the actual meter reading is captured. In cases where estimated consumption far exceeds actual consumption, and residents are unable to afford the bill, they can approach the City’s call centre or their closest walk-in centre to request an investigation. Debt management will be suspended until the investigation is resolved.

    Please note that estimated bills are currently based on consumption for the same period in the previous year. For example, a meter estimate for January 2018 is based on the actual usage of January 2017. This method is used to account for seasonal variation in water consumption. The City is however working to adapt the estimation method to account for changing consumption patterns due to the current water shortage. From 1 March 2018, estimated accounts will be based on average consumption at the property for the previous three months.

    Residents can however avoid estimated bills altogether by submitting their own meter reading. More details on how to do so can be found at the following link:

    The City encourages as many residents as possible to register for e-services and do their own meter readings. Performing regular meter readings at your property is essential for effectively managing water consumption, and can act as an early warning for leaks on the property.

    The City acknowledges and regrets the frustration that estimated bills will cause many residents who have reduced water consumption drastically, but would like to reassure them that we are doing everything possible to resolve the problem as speedily as possible.

    Residents should also please note that estimated readings could affect their green dot status on the City’s Water Map. Residents who have had their consumption estimated will rather be given a grey dot reflecting that no data exists for consumption on the property. Whilst this will cause some disappointment, it is important that we all continue to do our best to save water.

    Residents are reminded that level 6 tariffs are being applied from 1 February 2018. See below for a comparison between level 4 and level 6 tariffs.

    Water Tariffs (Domestic Full and Domestic Cluster)
    Water Steps (1kl = 1 000 litres) Level 4 (2017/18) Until 31/1/2018 Rands (incl VAT) Level 6 (2017/18) From 1/2/2018 Rands (incl VAT)
    Step 1 (>0 ≤ 6kl) R4,56/kl (free for indigent households) R29,93/kl (free for indigent households)
    Step 2 (>6 ≤ 10.5kl) R17,75/kl R52,44/kl (R17,75/kl for indigent households)
    Step 3 (>10.5 ≤ 20kl) R25,97/kl R114/kl
    Step 4 (>20 ≤ 35kl) R43,69/kl R342/kl
    Step 5 (>35 ≤ 50kl) R113,99/kl R912/kl
    Step 6 (>50kl) R302,24/kl R912/kl


    Issued by: Media Office, City of Cape Town

    Media enquiries: Councillor Xanthea Limberg, Mayoral Committee Member for Informal Settlements, Water and Waste Services; and Energy, City of Cape Town, Tel: 021 400 1299 or Cell: 073 271 2054, Email: (please always copy
    Disclaimer: This e-mail (including attachments) is subject to the disclaimer published at: Please read the disclaimer before opening any attachment or taking any other action in terms of this e-mail. If you cannot access the disclaimer, kindly send an email to and a copy will be provided to you. By replying to this e-mail or opening any attachment you agree to be bound by the provisions of the disclaimer.

  • MEDIA STATEMENT: Defeating Day Zero is in sight if we sustain our water-saving efforts21st February 2018


    20 FEBRUARY 2018


    Defeating Day Zero is in sight if we sustain our water-saving efforts

    Day Zero, the day we may have to start queueing for water, has now moved to 9 July due to a weekly drop in dam levels of only 0.5% (as compared to a 1.9% drop in 2014). This week’s lower rate of consumption can be attributed to the Groenland water reaching Steenbras Upper Dam last week and slightly increasing the dam level, as well as to a further reduction in Cape Town’s weekly average demand to 523 megalitres per day (MLD) compared to 1 130 MLD in 2014.

    The Groenland water transfer and the reduction in our weekly average demand has had a dramatic impact on the Day Zero date, which is determined by assuming that the fortnightly trend of weekly dam storage change will continue unchanged. This precautionary outlook assumes no further rainfall and that water demand may not reduce over the next few months. It has been adopted to allow sufficient lead time for implementation of temporary water collection points in the event that these may be required.

    We anticipate that Day Zero could move back into June again once the Groenland transfer has been completed, unless we are able to meet the 450 MLD collective water usage target. Therefore it is imperative that we reach this target to make it through to the winter rains.

    Today I urge the residents of Cape Town not to ease up on their water-saving efforts. We cannot afford to slow down when the estimated Day Zero date moves out, simply because we cannot accurately predict the volume of rainfall still to come or when it will come. Last year we had abnormally low winter rainfall, and we cannot assume that this year will be any different.

    The only way we can stretch our water supplies is to adhere to the 50 litres per person per day water allocation. Our water saving efforts across the metro have thus far been our greatest defence against Day Zero. Now is definitely not the time to ease up.

    We once again want to thank the Groenland Water Users Farming Association for the water transfer, which made a considerable difference when we needed it most.

    Our preparations for Day Zero continue as planned, along with the City’s aggressive roll-out of pressure management initiatives and the installation of water management devices at the properties of high users across the metro. Enforcement blitzes will also continue to ensure that all water users adhere to the water restrictions.

    Latest water dashboard (

    • Day Zero: 9 July 2018 (was 4 June 2018)
    • Dam Levels: 24,4% (decline of 0,5%)
    • Total consumption: 523 million litres per day (73 million litres above the target of 450 million litres per day)
    • Percentage of Capetonians saving: *note, due to the implementation of 50 litre targets, this calculation is under review

    Level 6B restrictions make it compulsory for residents to use no more than 50 litres per person per day.

    See the following link for the new tariff details:

    Please visit to see what a community water plan could look like community_water_plan for all water-related information, including Level 6B restrictions and regularly updated FAQs about Day Zero as well as tips to lower usage even further.

    Also visit to see if your household is painting the city green to avoid Day Zero.


    Issued by: Media Office, City of Cape Town

    Media enquiries: Alderman Ian Neilson, Executive Deputy Mayor, City of Cape Town, Tel: 021 400 1306 or Cell: 083 306 6730, Email: (please always copy
    Disclaimer: This e-mail (including attachments) is subject to the disclaimer published at: Please read the disclaimer before opening any attachment or taking any other action in terms of this e-mail. If you cannot access the disclaimer, kindly send an email to and a copy will be provided to you. By replying to this e-mail or opening any attachment you agree to be bound by the provisions of the disclaimer.

  • Crowbar Burglaries28th April 2016

    Let's be clear. There is no one single HUGE crowbar gang pillaging our country. This is however a technique that has spread like wildfire in the criminal community around our country.

    The hallmarks of a crowbar attack are as follows:

    • Several suspects arrive, normally in a rented or stolen car
    • They often use well-dressed spotters walking up and down the road to find targets. No, they don't leave tell-tale signs and coke bottles at weird angles - they use Whatsapp!
    • Suspects tend to arrive during the day or early evening
    • Entry is gained by lifting the sliding gates off the rails or forcing their way through the pedestrian gate
    • A short crowbar is used to pry open gates and doors and gain access to the premises
    • Outside, one suspect remains with the vehicle and gets the boot open and ready
    • The suspects inside the house exit with TV's laptops and high value items
    • They're into the car and headed away within minutes

    This is why the technique is so effective:

    • Entering the area is easy in a rented or stolen car that has false plates. The cars are neat, tidy and often quite expensive. The suspects are well dressed. This puts them off the radar in many cases to Neighbourhood Watches and even security patrols. In an increasingly polite society, people are hesitant to cast aspersion on well-dressed gentlemen in an expensive car for fear of being accused of "profiling".
    • The time spent inside the house is absolutely nominal, we are talking about 2-4 minutes really and this is ample for them to grab high value items.
    • The exit from the area is typically cool, calm and collected - unless of course they're disturbed.
    • The suspects park inside the property if they can as it attracts less attention and is less visible (except to the neighbour directly opposite of course)
    • The stolen goods are easily sold on the black-market or exported to other countries where they are sold at a premium.

  • Please be aware and share with your plantation-walking friends11th February 2016

    Please note that there have been a number of criminal incidents taking place in and around Tokai Forest recently. These include mugging, theft and assault.
    As many of us utilise the Tokai Forest, we feel that you need to be aware.

    Useful hints and tips:
    • Do not carry any valuables on your person, such as jewellery of any form(including watches), wallets, cameras etc…
    • Keep your cell phone concealed
    • Walk in groups
    • Do not go very early or late when no-one is around
    • Park in a safe area
    • Do not leave any valuables in your car
    • Carry pepper spray or a tazer, a loud horn is useful too.
    • Please ensure that you have the CVIC emergency number on speed dial on your phone 0860002669. Call this number immediately if you feel threatened or have an emergency.
    • Do not park if you notice any suspicious persons hanging around that area
    • If you are already on foot and any suspicious persons are approaching you, give them a wide berth.

Recent Incidents

Burglary - Residential Premises Carlisle Road 20th February 2018 06:00

Attempted Burglary - Residential Premises Chard Road 19th February 2018 03:00

Attempted Burglary - Residential Premises Carlisle Road 19th February 2018 02:32

Burglary - Business Premises Aberfeldy Road 18th February 2018 21:00

Burglary - Residential Premises Katie Martin Way (1 to 16) 18th February 2018 03:00

Assault - Common Uithof Street 17th February 2018 11:00

Theft - Out of/from M/Vehicle or M/cycle Steenberg Road 17th February 2018 02:00


KCW Ice Cream Sunday Date/Time: 25 Feb 2018 @ 16:00

Kirstenhof friends and neighbours! Please come out to support the Heifers and KCW's "Ice-Cream Sunday" on 25th February 2018. We'll have a special ice-cream van "patrolling" our neighbourhood and hope to see all of our neighbours and their kids out on their streets between 4pm - 6pm. Let's put a wonderful sense of fun and community spirit back into our lovely neck of the woods.

** NB** Please let us know what roads NOT to miss so we can plot it out and we'll let you know our planned route ahead of time. **

We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!

Community Notices
Suspicious Vehicles
Lost & Found

Missing - Ginger Cate

Last seen Steenberg Close on 27th April 2017

Dog Found

Last seen Tokai Forest on 2nd June 2016

FOUND: a set of rings

Last seen Top of Pollsmoor on 7th November 2015

Husky & Border Collie FOUND

Last seen Tokai Road on 25th August 2015


NEW PATROLLERS please call the Patrol Manager, Carolynne Franklin on 073-141-8605 to arrange patroller training

CONTROL's call number to report any suspicious activity: 0860 00 26 69 (sponsored by ADT)


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