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Contact Us

On this page you will find the contact details for Kirstenhof Crime Watch and a map of our area as well as municipal and other useful contact numbers.  If you have any numbers or information you think would be useful to display on this page, please feel free to drop us a line on

Crime Watch Contact Details
Email Address:
Report Incidents to:
Your Committee
Chairperson Kyle Clark
Vice-Chairman Andrew Miller
Secretary Karen Greening
Treasurer Cheryl Rautenbach
Operations Manager Keegan Fisher
Emergency Contact Numbers
CVIC Control Room 086 000 2669
Premier Patrols - Emergency 021 702 2772
Kirstenhof SAPS 021 702 9122 / 021 702 9123
Law Enforcement 021 4807700 /107
Animals in Distress - TEARS 021 785 4482
Animals in Distress - SPCA 021 700 4140
Zone Map